Christopher Parr, writer of screenplays, TV scripts, plays -- even a comic book. He's also been a contributing writer for business, marketing and technology articles.

At 21, Christopher's first stage production was the sold-out Missed Connections at Viterbo College. He went on to receive a MFA in Dramatic Writing from Brandeis University, and founded his own theatre company. Eventually, he focused his time on scripts for TV and film. Here's a few scripts to download:

Last Men: Comedy/Action, X-Men Meets American Pie. Click the comic book at the right to view the original 1999 Promo Site and see images from the book.
Goddess For a Day: Comedy, Lost Meets Working Girl
Shadow Underground: Action, The Fugitive Meets Time Bandits

Lost Echoes: The award-winning drama was developed at the Playwright's Workshop at Brandeis University during 1990-1991. Lost Echoes received the Steinberg Prize for Playwriting.

Christopher Parr - award-winning marketing
Christopher Parr